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Not at Intercon J - InteractiveArts
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Garko the Man-Frog
Date: 2010-03-02 19:11
Subject: Not at Intercon J
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I wanted to post a little note to all my friends mentioning that I would not be at Intercon J.

In a quarter century I've never missed an Intercon, so it's a little ironic that my first one is the Silver Anniversary.  

I didn't announce this right away because the Con asked if I'd let them announce the drop of Green Fairy, and I didn't want to interfere with that...I understand customer service and it dropped from a bad timeslot.  My apologies to anyone affected.  I don't in the end have a copy of the note the Con sent, but I did ask them to pass along my sincerest regrets.  I would like to have kept the game alive, but..it's a very quirky game and finding someone else to run it sight unseen seemed...unlikely.

So...there is exactly one thing a year at work I cannot miss.  It's a conference, normally on a weekday.  This year the Administration decided on short notice to move it to a different hotel on a weekend.  There is no "not doing it option" for me.  None.  I played with various idiotic schedules to sprint to BWI and fly to Manchester, but it's hopeless. I'll probably be done by 4pm Saturday but could be as late as 7pm, and you can't make plans based on that that other people depend on.

I'll miss everyone.  I strongly support Intercon J and OMB willing I will be back at Intercon K.  I apologize for the lack of the...Intercon...errr hmmm....under the table.

I am still supporting the LARPA contest and hope that's going well.  I wish my best to everyone who is going to the Con and wish I could be there.  I'll miss you all.

My best wishes and deepest regrets!
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User: flaviarassen
Date: 2010-03-03 15:53 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Oh, that really stinks on toast!
All my sympathies.
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User: drcpunk
Date: 2010-03-18 03:40 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
You were missed.
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